"Well, whenever I listen to music I don’t want to consider any ideology whatsoever beforehand. I just want to listen and understand what happens, which I think is the problem of what you are trying to say with style. I think style means a kind of environment. You build up your own niche in the beginning and from the beginning it should go through the piece and end in the name style. Why is it like this? It makes no sense! When you write music, you should have the same naive approach to music as the listener often has. Start all over again with listening and understand what happens without any knowledge of what you have read or heard before. Of course, if you come with some well-defined rules and you compare them with what you hear, you will be lost because the rules don’t exist a priori. They should not be a priori, they should be born out of what you hear, otherwise you’re repeating, you’re making an imitation of something that you have as a memory. 
Do you agree with that?”

Iannis Xenakis